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The Rainbow Lullaby

In 2020 I moved home to take care of my Mother who was in the late stages of Cancer. She passed away in October of that year and I spent the next 6 months grieving and trying to find ways to continue her legacy of maternal energy, charity and love.

I came up with the idea to write lullabies for my future children- and I asked some friends to help.

Suddenly, a team of over 50 incredible performers and composers from the LGBTQ community across the nation were helping to create this 25 song album.

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Now, we are being submitted for a Grammy- at a time when over 300 bills have been enacted to hurt the LGBTQ+ community, our families, and take away our rights.

Arts activism in the form of lullabies is a way for us to contribute to the future of Queer cultural traditions, while promoting our values- and helping create allies as we once again fight for equaltiy.

On the 13th of June, HUSH nightclub has offered its entire venue including a share of the profits from the evening to our charity, The Ali Forney Center. I have gathered activists, drag queens, and Broadway stars together to share about the album and the music from it.

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Click here to purchase

All proceeds from The Rainbow Lullaby go to The ALI FORNEY CENTER

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