Ryan Bauer-Walsh Author and Illustrator
Rusty The Rescue

Rusty the Rescue was my first book. I illustrated it with my writing partner, Golden Globe winner Christina Capitides.  Rusty is a loveable dog looking for a forever home. This teaching book is wonderful for children who are learning about the importance of pet adoption. Christina and I have spoken at several schools on the topic and worked with the largest 'no kill' animal shelter, North Shore Animal League, to promote the benefits of adopting!


Three Men In a Boat


The loss of a loved one is never easy. This book addresses the loss of a grandparent by talking about all the memories they made during their life being a source of light. The illustrations follow the collected memories of three friends who go on a journey together. 

Using pictures to help us understand that these memories never disappear is an accessible way for children and adults alike to take comfort in celebrating life.

April and the Animals

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April has a secret power-- and no one is safe from it. Not even April. 

I am writing and illustrating this book on manners and respect for nature. We take our first trip into the world of Mikamonk Forest where a modern day Brother's Grimm collection of stories await.  April and the Animals is the first in this series of new American fairy tales.

It is my personal belief that there are some children who don't need stories with happy endings. In Mikamonk Forest, that is what you find.

Coming soon. BEWARE.

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